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counseling for teens

Contemplative Counseling

Counseling For Adults and Teenagers

This is a person-centered approach to talk therapy that incorporates Western psychology and Eastern practices, such as mindfulness. It is based on the view that we are born with the wisdom, wholeness, and sanity necessary to heal; and psychotherapy is a collaborative effort  to help you uncover what you already have. 


The past is behind us, and the future has not happened, so we work with what is here in the moment. Our world and existence is transitory, constantly moving and changing. Change happens through acceptance of who we are in the moment.  The more we open to things as they arise, and accept who and where we are, the easier life becomes.


Of course, we all have problems and habitual patterns, maybe even neurotic ones, that developed due to past experiences. Old hurts and current patterns don’t have to be in your way!


This doesn’t mean we ignore the past. Sometimes it is helpful to make connections between the past and present, but the past is not the emphasis of the work. Let us help you to see your problems and habitual patterns as temporary and make significant change.

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