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anxiety counseling in arvada

Anxiety Counseling in Colorado

Anxiety is No Fun, and I Know it First Hand

You wake up in the morning with a fast heart beat, a tight chest, and eyes wide open. It is hard to breathe. Your thoughts keep cycling through the to-do list of the day, the week, or maybe the month. You are worried about how things are going to go or maybe you have regrets about the past. It’s hard to focus on one task, because you are so overwhelmed by the whole process. Why even bother getting out of bed? 


Or maybe, for you, sleeping is the problem. You have had a stressful day, and you are exhausted. You do your night time routine, lie down in bed, and then for no apparent reason (or maybe there are many reasons floating around in your head) sleep does not come. Instead you are breathing shallowly with a busy mind. You try the things you know to do in order to calm down but nothing works. You toss and turn checking the alarm clock every hour and getting angry that you cannot sleep. This makes more worries come, because you have things you have to do tomorrow that require sleep. And the cycle continues…


This is anxiety, and I know it well. It always comes with stressful times and sometimes when I least expect it. When there is a change in a relationship, a loss, a medical concern, I can feel it rising in my mind and body. For the longest time I was unaware that it existed. It became my “normal.” When I began training to be a therapist and got a therapist of my own, I learned that I did not have to start each day with clenched teeth and determination to push through. My therapist and my meditation practice taught me ways to regulate my nervous system. I’m calmer in my  body and mind, less reactive in difficult situations, and happier overall.


Did my anxiety go away completely? Heck no! And I’ll never tell you that yours will either! In fact, I’d be concerned if we did not have just a little bit of anxiety. Like all emotions, anxiety is a part of our human experience. It is a result of our brain trying to keep us safe. However, it doesn’t have to limit our ability to enjoy life.


Imagine living a life in which you can experience peace in your body and mind. A life where you are not walking away from conversations second-guessing everything you said and did. Imagine a life where you can focus, think clearly, and be more efficient in your work! I, Kathy Sterling, can help you to begin working toward this life.


By using Contemplative Therapy, CBT, EXRP, and other modalities, I am skilled at helping people of all ages manage stress and anxiety. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Kathy Sterling to learn how to get help!

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